Friday, August 1, 2008

Minun 25

Heres The Facts About... Me!

Penguin Color: Blue
Oldest Pin: U.F.O Pin.
Clothing Item: Yellow Hair, Astro Barrier Shirt, Backpack, And Shoes. Game:Surfing...Im A Surfing Champ!
Fave Party: Music Party!
Activities: Playing on cp, hanging out, and helping out.
How Many Puffls:3..I Used to have all 7, but 5 got away, so i bought a yellow and have 3 left.
How Often Do you Go On CP? When i can!
Goes On This Flag: U.S.
Server: Deep Snow,Ice Berg, and blizzard
Fave Room on CP: Town And Ice Berg

Hi World!

Hi, This is the first post on BCPT penguins, i add A Featured penguin every month by entering, but this is just the first, i haven't got the Email Me form Ready yet!
Until When its ready, Waddle on!